What is my commission?

Your commission is 10% of the total premium, so the more policies your customers purchase the more you earn. There is no limit on how much you can earn.

How do you know when I’ve made a sale?

All of the links and creative listed on the portal contain your tracking link. This lets us know when a customer purchases a policy after clicking a link on your site. If a customer then purchases a policy we record this and pay you a commission based on the total cost of the policy. You can view sales reports at any time to check if you have made a sale.

What is the cookie period and what does it mean?

Our cookie period is 30 days. This means for 30 days after a customer has clicked on your tracking link, you’ll earn a commission if they purchase a policy from us, so long as the customer has not clicked on another affiliates link between their first visit and purchase.

When are my commissions paid?

Commissions are paid monthly. We pay commissions outside the cooling off period, so if a customer purchases a policy on the last day of the month, we wait until after the 14th of the following month to pay your commission.

How do you report sales and commissions to affiliates?

Every time a sale is made from your website we track the sale and allocate your commission. You can login to your affiliate account and review personalised sales reports at any time. Please note that we operate on a last touch policy, meaning the last affiliate to refer the customer will be attributed with the commission.

How do affiliates incorporate banners and content onto their site?

Successful affiliates usually incorporate a combination of text links and banners to their website. It is best to try and position the banners and text above the website fold so that customers can access the link with ease.

Who underwrites the Travel Insurance Affiliate Program’s policies?

All policies are underwritten by Lloyd’s. We manage all of our claims in house which allows us to maintain a fast and simple claims process.

What happens if a customer extends their policy?

Customers are able to extend their policy via the member’s area on our sites or by calling the call centre. Unfortunately we are not able to pay commissions on extensions.

One of my customers has to fill in a medical application. Can I earn a commission on this?

Your commissions are calculated on the total policy cost, so you can earn commission on policies where customers have to fill in a medical application. If your customer has to contact us directly in regards to their medical application be sure that they let us know that you referred them so we can attribute the commission to you.

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